Thursday, May 3, 2012

Embroidered Silk Robes

Embroidered Silk Robes

Embroidered Dragon Silk Kimono Robe

Embroidered items make great gifts. Not only do they have that handmade feel to them, but you can personalize almost anything with some simple embroidery and make it special. Here are a few ideas for gifts you can make if you love to embroider.

A silk robe is one of the simple luxuries of life. An embroidered monogram makes it even more special and is a great gift for just about anyone. Choose a masculine style of lettering and a darker color robe for a man's gift, or go with a white robe and some feminine letters to make a special gift for a girl or woman in your life. A embroidered silk robe makes a great birthday or Christmas present for just about any family member or friend.

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